Our Services

Custom Systesis

Custom Conflation of organic composites in milligram to kilogram amounts and has been our core business since the foundation of Nios. Our platoon of educated Scientists led by Krishna has moxie in the custom conflation of a wide range of small motes like API, Stable Isotope Labeled composites, Chemical interceders, Drug Metabolites, Drug analogs, Analytical norms, reference norms, pharmaceutical contaminations, and new patentablescaffolds.We offer a full range of services in custom organic conflation, negotiating complex,multi-step mixtures and” delicate to synthesize” chemistry systems. Our composites are of high chastity(> 98) and are well characterised through MS, HPLC and NMR.


We are Specializes in custom organic synthesis with a team of scientists capable of performing intricate multi-step synthesis and addressing complex chemistry-related issues. We are proud to offer competitive prices and fast turnover times due to our streamlined operations, without sacrificing production quality. Our customer base comprises of established pharmaceutical, biotechnology and drug discovery companies, research institutions, and chemical vendors.

Fine Chemical

Fine Chemicals are treated as highly purified chemicals that are used for the research process. These chemicals get manufactured limited quantities through the biotechnological manufacturing process. These are carried out efficiently by Fine Chemicals Manufacturers in India. The manufacturing of Fine Chemicals involves many small steps such as Chemical Synthesis, biotechnology, extraction, and hydrolysis.

API Impurities

Qualification of the impurities is the act of gathering and analysing information to ensure the biological safety of an individual monograph or medicine. This process requires impurity standards for accurate profiling in Pharmaceutical Research. Our team consists of specialists specialised in synthesising impurities and metabolites of APIs, such as antibiotics, steroids, chiral and achiral drugs, and deuterated compounds. The experts have professional abilities in reaction design, complex synthesis, purification, analysis and characterisation.

API Intermediates

We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of a broad range of pharmaceutical intermediates which are extensively used in various pharmaceutical companies & research laboratories. Using high quality chemicals these intermediates are manufactured which ensure efficacy and no side effect on human health. We offer standard as well as customized packaging on these products to exactly meet the user’s requirements specifications.